c o n c e p t
so old. backdated.

The Bi Poem

Bi SEX shuality
Is mine
though I won’t admit it to the
‘queer’ ‘community’

I like girls and pretty boys
If I got my way all of my toys
would be shiny and genderless.

Bi SEX shuality
shouldn’t be an issue
I don’t give a shit who will kiss who
but – I guess – some do.
some who
I thought knew
that it didn’t matter
if girls liked. . . girls.
And boys liked. . . boys.

So if I like girls, and sometimes boys,
I shouldn’t have to make my noise,
and argue that they’re wrong with

their taunting //intolerance of anyone not ho-mo-sex-shual\ song

it’s like the coming out fight
all over again
except here I don’t really want to win.
we’re all queer, values usually shared
except, I guess, when people are scared
of things that ! might be accepted by the mainstream –
that rushing, overwhelming cultural scream.

Because that’s where I’m going, obviously.
My love, my girl, my cats and me –
yep. We’re going back to the bloody right wing
to do the proper republican thing.
We’ll sell our cats to KFC and I’ll leave her –
and she’ll leave me –
and in my sadness I’ll go and get knocked up
because I’m bi, you know, and that’s my luck

And because abortion is evil I won’t get one.
Instead I’ll go back to the catholics
And search for salvation.

Because, since I’m bi, that’s what I’m gonna do.

Either that, or. . . What?
I’ll leave. My wife. My girl. My love. My life.
Go to the first
who will take my hand
How’s it okay to be a poly dyke but not
to like both X and Y? to bed all the girls,
not give them the time of day, but
it’s okay, since she’s just gay.

Lines and labels dictate here too, loath to acknowledge
those who don’t fit. As bad as butch/femmme is
male/female is gay/bi/str8 is fear/love/hate

I went with two to a prom. People thought
that was wrong
or an expression of my bi SEX shuality as I was
obviously fucking both of them?

I was a beard to a shiny bi. His boi was so afraid –
since we're both 'half straight'
we must be sluts
we must be cheating –
they broke up the day after. again with the fistfights at pride,
the girl was just to decorate my side
salvaging my image
of NON het-er-o sex shuality

The next year I went with my love and
I won
the right to the bragging
of coronation
of kingdom and butchness
and other dyke glory,
participating in some stereotypical story. . .

At both proms
I danced with the girls and the bois
I did little twirls and exhibited poise
in a both a tux and a ballgown kicking up skirts

. . .But whether I went as a princess or a king
these labels just shouldn’t mean anything.
In a suit or a skirt, if I should choose to flirt
with a girl or a boy
in serious-ness or to toy,

my bi SEX shuality shouldn’t be an issue.
to you.
i want to
fuck you.
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